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About Us

GDB Properties, Inc.'s goal is to turn undervalued and distressed properties into neighborhood standouts while concurrently helping individuals cope with their own personal and financial situations. In this way, GDB Properties, Inc. hopes to create a win/win scenario for both the community and the people involved. With over 20 years of experience as a high-end custom homebuilder, John H. Gregory IV has put together a team to locate, purchase, renovate and sell undesirable homes in desirable neighborhoods.

Opportunities exist in all facets of this real estate investment company. From an initial seller resolving a personal or financial hardship through quick funding, including the private investor securing a solid and secure investment based in real estate, and ending with the completed transaction of a fully renovated property back into the community with a new owner, the opportunities for GDB Properties, Inc. are endless.

In every aspect of this business model, from securing funding quickly for a distressed seller, to an investor receiving his investment check, and the ultimate benefit of giving back to the community in the form of returning a renovated and upgraded home back into a neighborhood with a new homeowner, GDB Properties, Inc. is heavily focused on giving back.

If you are interested and would like more information about the ways GDB Properties, Inc. can help, visit our CONTACT US page. You can also visit our BUSINESS PLAN for a more detailed description of our company.
The Importance of Partnership

Fortune Builders Mastery Program is a systemized approach to finding undervalued and distressed properties in any market or area of the United States. Core Training videos, online webinars, weekly coaching calls and available live training seminars are the basic training techniques that FBMP uses to educate. Proven scripts, trusted documents and detailed property analyzers are the foundation of the program’s hardware. The program is a constantly evolving system of marketing and evaluation techniques started 12 years ago by Than Merrill and Julian Assagon (creators of “Flip This House” on A&E). With FBMP, there is a constant effort to stay ahead of the curve with live training seminars and continually updated educational materials.

Real Estate Professionals including realtors, escrow executives, estate lawyers, insurance agents, architects, inspectors, contractors, etc. will be utilized for all legal and functional transactions of the business. Each property will be unique in its requirements, and a team of professionals will be developed on a case-by-case basis to best accommodate the needs of both the property and the individuals involved. A vast array of contacts has been developed throughout the years, each contact with their own specialty covering certain aspects of real estate transactions. Utilizing these professionals based on their individual expertise and experience will provide each property with the greatest potential profit.

Gregory Design Build, Inc. is a 17 year old company with over twenty-five custom homes built. While “high-end” homes have been the company’ s primary focus, modest remodels and smaller homes have been completed with the same quality control, attention to detail, cost and time efficiency. The company’ s network of subcontractors, suppliers and tradesmen developed over those years, along with the relationships established with other general contractors, will provide a network of licensed, quality, and experienced construction specialists to complete multiple projects. Quality construction, cost efficiency and on-time management will be a trademark of all GDB Properties, Inc. homes, as has been the reputation of Gregory Design Build, Inc.